Pool Heating Solutions and Options in Johannesburg

Pool Heating Solutions

Let’s face it; although we live in South Africa, there are a few months where the swimming pool water temperature is just too cold to enjoy. While this does not stop the nation from getting outside and enjoying a braai, it does limit the amount of fun that can be had. If you would like to enjoy your swimming pool all year round, you should consider the various heating options that we offer in Johannesburg at Lex Pools.

You will find that the size of the pool and your available budget will dictate just how much you can afford to spend on heating systems. This, of course, does not mean that there is no pool heating solution for you! At Lex Pools, we stock a range of options that will help you to save money, while enjoying the luxury of a heated pool. What are these options? As follows:

Swimming pool heat pump

Swimming pool heat pump we promote the Aquatemp heat pump which is a compact unit that gets the job done. The digital control ensures that you can set the desired temperature and leave the heating up to the unit. It is that simple. Whether you have a splash pool or much larger unit, you can benefit from a heat pump. What makes our heat pumps the option for all households? The fact that our units have Copeland compliant scroll compressors and patented double spiral heat exchangers means that your pool will be heated effectively, swiftly and efficiently. Over 25 years of continuous research, development and improvements have made this range of heat pumps all that it is today, and with a full back-up and spares available at Lex Pools, you have every reason to invest in this particular product.

Solar pool heating panels

Solar pool heating panels using the power of the sun and our range of Sun Command solar panels, you can save on heating costs and enjoy a warm pool all year round. At Lex Pools, we offer a 5 year panel warranty on these units, and are readily available for any repairs and maintenance tasks required over the years. This leak free and long-lasting panel is available in custom sizes to suit the size of your roof and pool. There is no denying the fact that Sun Command panels are technically superior to other solar heating units on the market.

At Lex Pools, we want nothing more than to provide our clients with access to top-quality pool heating systems. Our dedication to client satisfaction means that we have always got our ear to the ground, in order to ensure that you are the first to know and benefit from industry advancements. We welcome you to explore our range and speak to our sales consultants about those products that interest you the most.

If you are looking for pool heating solutions in Johannesburg, then waste no more time shopping around. What we have to offer at Lex Pools is undoubtedly just what you need. Contact us via email or telephone at your earliest convenience.

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