Swimming Pool Solar Heating


Using the power of the sun, solar panels provide an energy efficient supply of heated pool water.

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The Energy Efficient Choice

Over the last few years the use of solar panels to heat swimming pools has become ever more popular. This has seen an influx of many inferior panels offering unrealistic warranties and no back-up service.

At Lex Pools we offer top quality solar panels to heat swimmming pools, combined with correct and professional installation.

Proven Technology

We have heated thousands of pools of all shapes and sizes, using the proven Sun Command solar panel. The Sun Command panel is manufactured from UV stabilised polypropylene. All seams are thermo welded and pressure tested ensuring a leak free long lasting panel.

How it works

The Sun Command solar panel system is an efficient collector of the free energy available from the sun. The panels are mounted onto the roof of your home, or other suitable structure, and clean filtered water is passed through the panels during the day time, by means of your existing pool pump.

The water rushing through the panels collects the irradiated heat from the sun and is returned to your pool as warmed water. This process is continually repeated throughout the day.

You can control the temperature of your pool by switching the bypass value on and off to achieve your perfect temperature.

Our systems include a non-return valve to protect your pump and filter from back pressure when the system switches off. They also have a vacuum release valve to ensure all pipes and panels are drained when switched off. This ensures that there is no risk of freezing during the winter, giving you a hassle free solar system.

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Heliocol Solar Pool Panels

10 Year Panel Warranty

The solar panels shall be free from defects caused by faulty workmanship or materials that affect the normal functioning of the system for a period of 10 years full. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by freezing. The system must be self-draining. Should the system be unable to self-drain and manual drain down be incorporated, the instructions provided for this procedure are to be strictly adhered to for the warranty to be valid.

Fast Installation

Our Solar Panels are Installed in less than 1 day by one of Lex Pools supervised installation teams.


Heliocol solar panels have been in continuous production since 1977. Heliocol was the first solar collector to receive ISO 9001 certification and has maintained that certification every year since 1998.

Heliocol is also the only solar system certified with ISO 14001, which is more stringent and meets not only quality control standards, but environmental standards. Heliocol is additionally NSF-50 listed by the National Sanitation Foundation, ensuring the safety and durability of our products when used in public or commercial swimming pools, spas and other recreational water facilities.

Other certifications include SRCC OG-100, FSEC, IAPMO, Dade County, the City of Los Angeles, the German Technological Institute, the Mexican Technological Institute, the Greek Technological Institute, the Brazilian Solar Energy Center and the Israeli Standards Institute.

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Heliocol Swimming Pool Panels
Sun Command Solar Panels

5 Year Panel Warranty

We replace our solar panels. We don’t patch them!

Fast Installation

Our Solar Panels are Installed in less than 1 day by one of Lex Pools supervised installation teams.

Sun Command solar panels features:

  • Aesthetically pleasing solid type panel (no gaps between tubes)
  • 218 tubes per panel
  • Large panel surface 3080mm x 1350mm
  • Custom sized panels available to suit your roof
  • UV stabilised for longer lifespan in the sun
  • Resistant to hail, frost and chemicals
  • Suitable for use with saltwater chlorinators
  • Auto draining with vacuum breaker to prevent freezing
  • Bypass value for temperature control
  • High quality PVC non-return valve to protect your pump and filter system
  • All pipes and fittings are black for maximum efficiency and neatness
  • No extra monthly running costs
  • Modular for easy upgrades
  • Can be installed on almost any type of roof
  • Technically superior with a proven track record

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Panel Efficiency

A solar panel is most effective on a north facing roof at a 30 degree pitch. Other angles and directions can be effective, however this needs to be taken into account when grading the system.


Systems can be graded to suit almost any temperature requirement. Please consult our offices for correct grading. However, most units are graded for an 8-9 month swimming season.