Swimming pool heating pumps


Extend your swimming season with the comfort of temperature controlled heated swimming pool water.

Heat pumps are a neat, compact and effective way of heating your pool.

Each heat pump has a digital display showing you the temperature of your pool, all you need to do is simply enter your desired pool temperature and let your heat pump automatically maintain your pool temperature.

Heat pumps are available in many sizes for splash pools right up to olympic size pools. Most units are graded for an 8-9 month swimming season, however units can be graded to suit year round swimming.

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Domestic & Commercial

We have vast experience in both the domestic and the commercial swimming pool industry. We can supply and install a high quality system to satisfy your needs.

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ITS Heat Pumps

IITS swimming pool heating heat pumps are designed to make you get them most enjoyment from your pool. With pool temperatures programmable up to 40 deg Celsius you can now swim all year round.

No longer do you need to have your roof covered with solar panels or spend thousands of Rand on electricity. ITS heat pumps are compact, quiet and very simple to install. It will provide you with many years of trouble free pool heating.

ITS pool heat pumps uses the latest in heat pump control technology resulting in extremely low operational cost. For every R1.00 worth of electricity this unit can give you more than R5.00 worth of output heat.

ITS Heat pumps boast a 500% efficiency rating which means you will gain a return on investment in less than 1 year.

Why should you heat your pool?

Not only did you pay a lot of money to build your pool but it is also costing you a lot of money per month to maintain. The average pool owner in South Africa only uses his pool for 3 months of the year because the water is simply to cold the rest of the time.

By using an ITS heat pump you can now enjoy your pool all year round thus getting the most from your swimming pool investment. You and your family will experience hours of fun in the pool instead of around the pool.

A few of our recent residenital ITS Heat Pump installations including Commercial Inverter Swimming Pool Heat Pumps


  • Heat water to your preferred temperature all year round – ITS Heat pumps heat your pool in all weather conditions providing you with hot pool/ Jacuzzi water throughout the year.
  • Latest technology with easy to control LED display controller – Each heat pump comes with a digital system controller which intelligently controls the heat pump to ensure the highest possible efficiency.
  • Titanium heat exchanger – Super corrosion resistance with 50mm standard coupling connections for easy installation.
  • Silent, compact and great value for money – After you have installed an ITS Heat pump, you will barely notice that it is there as they are extremely quiet whilst in operation.

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Aquatemp Commercial & Residential Heat Pumps


  • Copeland compliant scroll compressor
  • User-friendly digital control panel
  • Patented double spiral titanium heat exchanger
  • Hight performance fan
  • Suitable for use with saltwater chlorinators
  • More than 25 years of constant improvement, research and development
  • Full back-up and spares available
  • Full weather-proof unit
  • Stainless steel outer casing

Energy Efficient

It is a common misconception that heat pumps use a lot of electricity and are expensive to run. Heat pumps are in fact very economical to run due to the heat exchange technology that is used.

ECO Friendly

The Aquatemp heat pump pool heaters utilize superior performance, non-ozone, environmentally friendly green 407C refrigerant.

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AquaHeat Inverter Heat Pumps

Inverter technology is new to the swimming pool industry in South Africa. It however has, been a major player in the air conditioning industry within the country, as well as in the swimming pool industry in other countries for a while now.

Aquaheat Inverter Heat Pumps are made with a variable speed compressor, allowing them to ramp down when the pool temperature is achieved, thereby minimising electricity consumption.

AquaHeat Inverter Heat Pumps

Pool heat pumps with a variable-speed compressor, or “INVERTER”, have refrigerant cycles that operate at different speeds depending on temperature and heating loads. By automatically adjusting the speed of the refrigerant, the inverter eliminates energy losses caused by stopping and starting.

Regular pool heat pump compressors work at a constant fixed speed until the pool reaches the desired temperature, then turns off. When the temperature drops, the compressor turns back on again, usually with an electrical spike of about 50% more than the operating average. When inverter heat pumps turn on, the soft-start variable-speed compressor reduces the immediate draw on the electricity supply resulting in a smoother, steadier electricity flow, less burden to the electricity supply and reduced impact on lights and other household appliances. Other regular heat pumps without a soft-start can add a load of up to 3 times the rated current, which can overload your home’s electrical system.

Inverter pool heat pumps are incredibly efficient, in fact up to 1200% efficient. Comparing this to older technology units with only +/-400% efficiency and your choice is clear! (COP Rating)

Aquaheat inverter heat pump units are designed for ambient air as low as 0 degrees Celsius, which means that they can operate to maximum efficiency despite the ambient outside temperature. This results in less heater downtime in the cooler months and this will maximise your swimming season.

The Aquaheat inverter heat pumps are made for your dream all year round outdoor lifestyle.

The difference between the Standard and Premium range are

Inverter Pool Heat Pump Range has – (the premium range will be discontinued from next year, but the same controllers will be installed on the standard units).

  • A 1-year on-site warranty
  • An interactive control panel that can show you the electricity consumption of the heat pump, temperature curve of the pool, start and stop times, ambient air flow temperature and a “fault” recorder for easy assessments during routine maintenance.
AquaHeat Inverter Heat Pumps
AquaHeat Inverter Heat Pumps


The pool heat pump market is moving away from on-off machines to inverter driven heat pumps.

Inverter driven air source heat pumps are more efficient and have a number of key benefits:


  • Inverter driven heat pumps speed up and slow down the compressor to suit energy demand and use a lot less energy because they follow pool heating requirements more closely
  • Because they don’t use a surge of energy to restart all the time they put less strain on the electrical supply making them better for single phase supply.
  • As they maintain a far more stable set-point they don’t need such a big buffer to maintain the temperature of a pool, saving on electricity consumption

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  • Inverter Pool Heat pumps have a large upfront cost, but this is offset by the fact that their operating costs translate to long-term savings on energy bills and lead to a path of reduced carbon emissions
  • Pool Heat pumps heavily rely on electricity to operate, implying that they will never be entirely carbon neutral. However, since inverter pool heat pumps are “soft” starting, they represent a perfect fit for solar PV applications. This is an effective carbon free model. Coupled together with solar PV panels, heat pumps could lead to a zero net energy.